Visual Field Testing

Visual field testing in Pawleys Island is a measure of how far a stationery eye can see in any direction. This also measures vision sensitivity in various parts of the visual field. This allows Lowcountry Vision Care to diagnose eye conditions such as glaucoma.

Visual Field Test in Pawleys Island

We can usually see an extensive area of space without any eye movement. This includes the space in front of us, to either side, above and below us. The whole area, in our view, is called the visual field.

The best view is normally achieved right in the center of the visual field. For this reason, we tend to shift our eyes toward objects of interest. The more distance between our center of vision and an object, the less clear it will appear.

A visual field exam at Lowcountry Vision Care is a measure of two factors:

  • How far up, down, left and right, the eye can see while remaining still
  • The extent of sensitivity in different areas of the visual field

Lowcountry Vision Care Visual Field Test

The visual field test can help your Pawleys Island doctor detect early signs of glaucoma or other vision damaging eye diseases. Since these conditions develop gradually, patients who are unaware of any symptoms, but a vision field test at Lowcountry Vision Care will determine that peripheral vision has been compromised. This important screening can also help your eye doctor learn more about the health of the visual part of the nervous system (retina, optic nerve, and the brain). Issues with any of these components can affect the visual field.

Your Pawleys Island optometrist might also recommend that the test is repeated periodically. This might be necessary to make sure that no new issues are detected. When an eye condition like glaucoma is discovered, visual field tests are performed regularly to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

Visual field tests are especially useful for glaucoma treatment. These exams will show your Lowcountry Vision Care doctor if vision is deteriorating. Since this happens before symptoms are noticeable, it is important for glaucoma patients to keep all of their eye doctor appointments.