Contact Lens Prescriptions

Here at Lowcountry Vision Care, we care about the eye health and overall well-being of our contact lens patients. For that reason, we offer a wide variety of the most innovative and highest quality contacts available in soft daily disposable, gas-permeable, and specialty lenses. We offer the most technologically advanced products to our Pawleys Island patients because they deserve the best eye care.

Soft Disposable Contact Lenses in Pawleys Island

Daily disposable lenses are a staple at Lowcountry Vision Care. We offer the latest contacts with the highest safety and hygiene levels on the market while providing optimal comfort. Whether you are farsighted, nearsighted, need bifocals, or have astigmatism, we have a daily soft disposable that will meet your visual wants and needs.

Rigid Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses

At Lowcountry Vision Care, we have the necessary experience and products to fit these complicated lenses. Also known as hard or RGP contact lenses, there are more options than at any other time. In addition, the comfort of rigid gas-permeable lenses has never been greater. These contacts help patients with ocular disease, irregular ocular surfaces, irregular corneas, and other eye problems can’t be fixed with glasses or soft daily lenses. Lowcountry Vision Care works with corneal surgeons and has expertise in prescribing lenses for patients with ocular disease and post-surgical lens fittings.

Colored Contacts in Pawleys Island

Colored contact lenses are designed to alter the appearance or color of your eyes. These lenses are used for vision correction or without a prescription for appearance. Patients who choose these contact lenses can change the color of their eyes temporarily and can create varying themes for different holidays or seasons by modifying the appearance of the eye. Therefore, if you are looking for prescription colored contact lenses for vision correction or non-prescription colored contacts for aesthetic reasons, Lowcountry Vision Care will still require a contact lens fitting in Pawleys Island to determine the right fit and size. It is crucial not to order contact lenses online without getting an eye exam. Doing so can result in infection and eye injury. A valid prescription is necessary to order colored lenses.