Comprehensive Exams

Even if you have perfect vision and don’t notice any problems with your vision, it is still essential to visit your eye doctor at Lowcountry Vision Care in Pawleys Island at least every year for an exam. Doing so is an important step in helping you to maintain optimal eye health, which is our goal.

Eye-related health issues differ from health issues in most other areas of the body because they will not present any noticeable warning signs. Instead, you likely won’t notice anything wrong until the condition or disease has progressed and reached a more advanced stage, at which point it will be more challenging to address or treat. Early warning signs can only be detected by a professional, such as your doctor at Lowcountry Vision Care. Visiting our location in Pawleys Island to have your eyes checked regularly can not only provide an evaluation of the overall health of your eyes but allows your doctor the opportunity to catch problems while they are still in their early stages and provide treatment promptly.

When you receive a comprehensive eye exam, you can expect the following:

  • Vision testing at all distances (usually measured using an eye chart)
  • Evaluation of color vision and depth perception
  • Glaucoma screening – technically known as non-contact tonometry, this test is more commonly referred to as the “puff of air” test and measures the pressure inside your eyes
  • Binocular vision/eye teaming evaluations
  • Examination of the outside and inside of your eye

Your doctor can also perform any additional tests as needed to ensure your personal eye health. Regular eye exams become more important as you age since it is common for vision problems to develop over time. On average, a routine eye exam will last about an hour, depending on the number and complexity of the tests used to evaluate your eye health. At the end of your appointment, if you have some refractive error, you will be provided with a glasses prescription. If you prefer to wear contact lenses, an additional contact lens fitting will be required.

Lowcountry Vision Care is available in Pawleys Island to help you maintain optimal eye health.